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  • Green Grow Mulch

    Green Grow Mulch

    Green grow mulch is a nutrient rich mulch comprised of composted wood fines and horse manure from horse stalls. It is similar to Jessica’s premium mulch but is a darker chestnut color and not as finely screened. Green grow mulch is an excellent choice for vegetable and flower beds. Green grow mulch amends the soil and feeds the plants along with being an attractive mulch.

  • Hemlock Mulch

    Hemlock Mulch

    All natural 100% Hemlock mulch is a rich brown mulch that will outlast all other mulches without the use of dyes. Our hemlock mulch is NOT a blend, it is 100% hemlock. Many “hemlock blends” are being marketed to bring down their cost, but with the blend you lose the benefit of hemlocks colorfastness. Our hemlock is a truly premium mulch.

  • Cedar Bark Mulch

    Cedar Bark Mulch

    All natural 100% cedar bark mulch is a lighter colored mulch. Cedar mulch has been a longtime favorite because of the pest resistance of the cedar oils.

  • Topsoil


    Ultra rich screened topsoil! Our Topsoil has a neutral Ph level 7.1, high nuitriants (NPK), and over 6% organic matter according to our last soil test. You can find dirt many places, come to us when you want SOIL!

  • Organic Compost

    Organic Compost

    Organic compost is a wonderful soil amendment or lawn topdressing. Our all natural compost is leaf compost that is aged for 3 years.

  • Dark Forest Blend

    Dark Forest Blend

    Dark forest blend is a double ground naturally dark colored mulch that your garden and your budget will love. Our Dark forest blend mulch is a blend of local forest material that is double ground and blended with compost. Dark Forest blend is all natural and does not contain any dyes.

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