Understanding Organic Lawn Care

There is one simple goal of organic lawn care – to make your soil healthy so it can feed your grass, trees, and plants without the need for harsh chemical fertilizers.  When you use organic lawn care products, you are fertilizing your grass while at the same time creating ideal soil conditions for a healthy lawn that can nourish itself for the long term.

The biology of your soil – Although you can’t see it, there is “life” brimming in your soil – a host of microorganisms that feed on decaying organic matter.  As these microorganisms digest, they release valuable nutrients which are absorbed by the roots of your grass, plants, and trees.  The more organic material you feed to your soil, the more nutrients will be released to the plant roots, creating a self-sustaining cycle that will keep your lawn balanced and healthy.  Chemical fertilizers kill off the life of your soil, disturbing the natural balance and preventing the soil from sustaining the lawn.

The Soil Food Web

Negative effects of synthetic lawn care – Many people are pleased with the lush green grass that immediately appears after applying chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  What they don’t realize is that these chemicals are stripping the soil of important microorganisms needed for a healthy, self-sustaining lawn.  Also, harsh chemicals used for pesticides and weed control end up harming trees, shrubs, and waterways.

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